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Written at 17:26, on Wednesday 25 January 2006. Tags: drupal webdesign .

I’m currently in the process of learning Drupal, and what better way then to build something in it? At least the static part of my website will be ported to Drupal (that means everything not under journal), although I may consider putting my blog under it as well. That means abandoning my beloved Textpattern, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that step yet. So far, Drupal is turning out to be a very good alternative for Joomla and Mambo, since it’s completely UTF-8 ready, valid XHTML Strict out of the box, some WAI-III complaint themes, clean URL’s, multiple sites with one codebase, multi-lingual, flexible user roles and customizable workflow, flexible hierarchical and non-hierarchical content organization, XML-RPC built-in, distributed login, advanced (and multiple) template systems and if that isn’t enough, totally extensible through third-party modules. Some of these features are still planned for upcoming Joomla releases, but they’re available in Drupal right now.

There is an increasing number of really cool websites built with Drupal, which show the power, diversity and flexibility rather well:

  • The Onion – fake news, hilarious site. Recently rebuilt in Drupal. The complex content requirements resulted in an amazing frontpage.
  • Spread Firefox – the ultimate community website. Readers can sign up, participate in forums, engage dialogue with their own blogs, share photo’s, etc. This website is powered by Civicspace, a Drupal distribution with a number of extra modules, although the core functionality is purely Drupal.
  • Evolt, another community website for web designers.
  • Creativebits is a group weblog/community site for Mac fans and designers.
  • Our Media, digital archive for everyone to share their media on.

Then there’s a slew of Linux-related Drupal sites, among which are Linux Journal, Kernel Trap and Linux Gazette. Other noteworty sites are (Arabic CS students forum which recently migrated from PHP-Nuke to Drupal), art site Terminus 1525 and Urlgreyhot, a personal website.

Did I miss any other large or well-known Drupal websites? Leave them in the comments. I’ll be posting a more in-depth comparison of Drupal and Joomla/Mambo as well soon.

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